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Chakra Blockages

Opened Chakras Create Fantastic Lives

Keeping our chakras balanced and open is an important part of life, especially when it comes to our heart chakra which is also referred to as the anahata or fourth chakra. The heart chakra has many responsibilities in life and failing to keep it from becoming blocked can cause a large amount of complications in life.

Blocked heart chakras are believed to cause people to become withdrawn, defensive, suspicious and can even cause a person to have a difficult time feeling and expressing love. Needless to say, these complications can get in the way of a person’s life. Luckily, there are some simple things that you can do to open your heart chakra.

However, before we go over how to open this chakra, I would first like to go over some of the things that can cause a person’s anahata to become blocked.

Common Issues That Block The Heart Chakra

1. Past Relationships. One of the most common causes of this chakra becoming blocked would be past relationships. If you were ever in a relationship where love was lacking and trust was scarce, the chances are rather high that some type of damage was done to your anahata.

2. Negative People. Negativity is toxic, especially for our chakras. Since our chakras are made of energy, other types of energy can easily influence them, including the energy of negative people. This is one of the reasons why avoiding negative people in life as much as possible is extremely important.

3. Life Circumstances. Life seems to deal some a better hand of cards than it does for others. Some people endure some rather painful things in life such as a heartbreak and a lack of love. While we may not be able to control every circumstance in our lives, we can certainly find effective ways to reduce and reverse the damages that these circumstances cause.

How To Open Your Anahata Chakra

1. Surround Yourself With The Color Green. Each one of our chakras is associated with a certain color. We can open and boost our chakras by simply surrounding ourselves with the corresponding color for each chakra. For those trying to open their heart chakra, green is the color that you need to focus on incorporating into your life. Try wearing green clothes or put up some green decorations around your home. You’ll likely be surprised by how effective this simple technique is.

2. Spend Some Time In Nature. Since the color green is associated with the anahata chakra, it makes perfect sense that spending time in nature would work wonders when it comes to opening this chakra. After all, just about everything in nature is green.

3. Visualizations. Visualization exercises are powerful. Many challenges in life can be overcome with the use of these exercises, including opening our chakras. All you have to do is imagine yourself being surrounded with the color green. For an even more effective exercise, try combing breathing exercises with your visualizations. Imagine that each breath you take in is green in color. Then imagine the green air swirling around in your body. You can even combine visualizations with meditations to create an extremely powerful chakra opening experience.

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Author: Sterling McCartney

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