Muladhara, Also Known As The Root Chakra

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Are Your Chakras Working Against You?

If you’re having issues in life and don’t seem to be able to find the cause, you may be looking in the wrong places. Do you think that some of the issues in your life may be the result of an imbalanced chakra? Believe it or not, our chakras can play a large role in the life we live, in both good and bad ways.

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Chakras are the energy centers of the human body that govern many different domains, from the spiritual to the physical. Opening and aligning the chakras can yield many different benefits, making our lives better and healthier. The root chakra, or the Muladhara, is the very first one, and is the most physical of all chakras. Opening this chakra provides a solid foundation of all the chakras, and as such, is a crucial one to awaken.

What is the Muladhara?

Located at the base of the spine, at the pelvic floor and the first three vertebrae, the root chakra governs the person’s foundation, security, and safety in the physical realm. Literally defined as “root support”, the Muladhara is the very first of the chakras of matter, the foundation of the other chakras above it, and like a home’s foundation, everything relies on the stability it provides.


This chakra is composed of the things that provide you with stability and security in life, such as food and water, shelter, as well as emotional strength like courage and security; pretty much whatever it takes to survive, to persevere, and to continue in this world, is the domain of the Muladhara.


Imbalanced or blocked Muladhara

An imbalanced or blocked Muladhara can lead to a number of different problems, ranging from the physical to the emotional and even the spiritual. Physical problems may be colonic or digestive problems, like constipation, bladder issues, lower back/leg/feet pain, and for men specifically, prostate problems.


Emotionally, anxiety, fear and distress, and nightmares about the present and the future may also be a sign of an imbalanced root chakra. Spiritually, it may lead to a crisis of faith, self-doubt about one’s place in the universe, and questioning one’s life.


If the root chakra is hyperactive, it can lead to aggression, overbearing control, inflexibility when it comes to change and progress, problems with authority, greediness, and overvaluing of one’s self. Physically, it can lead to overactive sex drive, irritable bowel syndrome, and weight gain.


If the root chakra is underactive, it can lead to feeling disconnected to the world or your friends, disorganization, fear, lack of focus and discipline, and an overall feeling of anxiety and dread. Physical manifestations include weight-loss, lack of energy, lowered sex-drive, anemia and a poor immune system.


Opening and healing the Muladhara

There are a number of different ways to open and heal the Muladhara, in order to rebalance and re-secure one’s life.


1.) Affirmation of the Muladhara – one of the most powerful tools to open and heal the Muladhara is having an affirming mantra. Repeatedly saying “I am safe, I am secure,” “Things will be okay, I have the power to achieve,” “The universe will give me what I need,” and many other assuring mantras will reopen and rebalance your Muladhara.

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