Effective Communication With 7 Simple Steps

Effective Communication Creates Success And Happiness

Effective Communication With 7 Simple Steps featuredIn order to communicate in a manner that benefits all parties involved, including ourselves, we must learn how to be assertive.

For some people, it’s difficult to find a healthy balance between asserting themselves and allowing themselves to be a doormat. You don’t want to take things too far in either direction.

Allowing yourself to be walked on while communicating will surely never allow you to make your point. On the other hand, being too assertive can leave people with bad impressions and actually even push people away from you.

Luckily, balance can be achieved rather simply when you know what steps to take. ]

Check out these great examples from Lifehack.

Easy Steps To Be Assertive

1. Make quicker decisions


It is important when you’re asked a question that you answer quickly. Doing so will prevent you from over-thinking and changing what your gut instinct says. For instance, you’ve got 15 loads of laundry to catch up on, and want to get a quick workout in, so when your friend calls for a ride, say no immediately because that’s what you’re really be thinking anyways.


2. Know what you want


Many people who feel they’re left behind often don’t know what they want, so they have a difficult time standing up for themselves. It’s important that you have a vision of what you want in your mind, so that you can go after it. For instance, a promotion is coming up and you want it. Strive to show your boss that you’re the one that’s doing all the work and deserves the position.

Effective Communication With 7 Simple Steps 1

3. Set clear expectations


In order to be more assertive, you need to clearly know what to expect from yourself and others. If you’re someone who’s always on the back-burner, don’t expect to rise to the top immediately. Set clear goals and expect to move at a steady pace, gaining the ground you deserve.


4. Overcome your fears


It’s possible that one of the reasons you’re overlooked is because you prefer to stand in the shadows. When it comes to a presentation at work that you’ve done all the groundwork for, don’t let someone else give your presentation. Overcome your ‘stage fright’ and take the front seat at that presentation. Remember that courage isn’t the lack of fear. Courage is acting despite having your fears.


5 . Use body language to project confidence


Even though you might be in a situation where you don’t feel confident, don’t let anyone see that. Use body language to mask your true fears and give off a confident vibe. Stand straight, chin up, shoulders back and don’t fidget.


Affirmation meditations are a great tool for building confidence which will provide you with the ability to project yourself in assertive manners. Check out the free gift below.

Affirmations meditation

6. Don’t fumble your words


When people are nervous and lacking confidence, they tend to talk quietly and mumble, sometimes making many mistakes with simple words. It is much better if you speak so that you can be heard, as well as slowly and clearly. Avoid fast-talking, as that really allows your lack of confidence to show through.

To see the rest of the tips, Lifehack

Author: Sean May

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