5 Benefits Of A Meditation Buddy And Tips To Find One

Meditation Can Be Much Simpler When You Have A Partner

5 Benefits Of A Meditation Buddy And Tips To Find OneMaybe you’re used to thinking of meditation as a solitary activity, but it can be a shared experience.

In fact, many practitioners rely on a meditation buddy as an important part of their journey towards greater peace of mind.

If you’d like to try meditating with a partner, check out these suggestions. They’re guaranteed to keep you from feeling lonely on your cushion.

Benefits Of Having A Meditation Buddy

1. Hold yourself accountable. Maybe you’ve wanted to start meditating for a long time, but you find it difficult to get started. On the other hand, maybe you sit down diligently for weeks at a time, but then drift off track. A meditation partner helps you become more responsible because someone will notice whether or not you show up.

2. Receive instruction. If your partner is more experienced than you, they can teach you the basics. You’ll progress more quickly when you know how to breathe or maintain good posture for meditating.

3. Share your knowledge. If you’re already experienced at meditating, you can provide assistance. Answer your partner’s questions and volunteer the information you wish you had starting out.

5 Benefits Of A Meditation Buddy And Tips To Find One

4. Enjoy mutual support. Contrary to what you may have heard, meditation is not all about feeling blissful or zoning out. Difficult emotions and unpleasant thoughts may surface when you look deeply into your mind. It’s good to have someone by your side while you’re struggling.

5. Tap into collective power. Many practitioners like to gather together with others for at least part of their practice time. By pooling your energy and good wishes, you’ll both feel more connected and courageous.

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  1. I’m trying to find a remote meditation buddy to establish a daily one hour practice at the same time every day. Is there a meditation bulletin board or something somewhere where I can post my search?

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