12 Tips To Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

12 Tips To Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem

Promote Healthy Self-Esteem At An Early Age

Everything in life is better when your self-esteem is high. Good things seem even better. Bad things are easier to tolerate and manage. The same is true for your child. A child with high self-esteem will do better in school, be more likely to avoid drugs and sexual activity, and be happier in general. Low self-esteem is a burden regardless of age.

As a parent, you have a tremendous influence on your child’s self-esteem. Make good use of that influence!

Help Your Child Develop Their Self-Esteem:

1. Create opportunities for your child to be successful. Give your child a meaningful task to do that you know will result in success. Success breeds confidence and additional success. Give your child regular opportunities to experience success.

2. Create a wall of fame. This can be a place to put trophies, report cards, favorite art work, ribbons, badges, and other awards. How could anyone not feel pride and confidence when a wall of fame is there for viewing each day?

3. Monitor your children’s friends. Some friends are more kind than others. Try to steer your child toward other children that are kind and supportive. Find a way to limit time spent with those children that are less supportive.

4. Give your child some control. It’s easier to have self-esteem when you feel in control of your life. The easiest way to avoid a battle is to give your child choices, but you create the choices. “Do you want a banana, apple, or orange in your lunch today?” is a better question than, “What do you want to eat?”

5. Love your child unconditionally. It’s a mistake to make a child feel less loved because of misbehavior or a mistake. Deal with poor behavior, but avoid withholding your love.

6. Pay attention to your child. Nothing sends the message, “You’re not important” as effectively as ignoring your child.

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