12 Things To Avoid During Interviews

Tips For Acing Interviews

12 things to avoid during an interview featuredTrying to land a new job can be quite stressful at times. This is especially true when it comes down to preparing for interviews at jobs that could possibly change your life.

Trust me, I’m familiar with the pre-interview anxiety that many people feel. While it may feel impossible to push through this anxiety and still appear to be a well put together person, it can be done.

Interviews can be made a lot less stressful when you have some advice to help you along the way.

Check out these great tips about what to avoid from Job Interview Questions.

1.Poor personal appearance


Usually the best bet is wear a business suit, but this is not a rule, according to the company you are applying to you can choose other type of clothing, anyway, if you do not use a suit you can use elegant sport clothing. Take special care of your personal appearance; remember the first impression is important.


2.Say too much or say too few


During a job interview, try to answer with the necessary words, go to the point and do not divagate through other subjects, also avoid using yes/no answers, listen carefully to the interviewer and if you have doubts about the question then ask, remember everything you say will be taken into account to give you the job or not.


3.Too much “I”


Some people love saying I did this, I did that, and leave no room for co-work, take into account that most of jobs need people that is able to work in groups, to cooperate and get the objectives, of course you can brag a little about your accomplishments.


4.Show up unprepared


If you do not take a while to analyze your skills, strengths, the company, what you want, what you expect, and so on, you may find yourself on an uncomfortable situation during your interview.

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5.Being disrespectful


Nobody will hire a disrespectful applicant, think before what you say and never be disrespectful with your interviewers, doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with them.


6.Showing up late


Take precautions to avoid being late, choose your clothing the night before, if you can, go to the location where the interview is going to be performed, that way you will know for sure the address, if some unexpected thing happens like an emergency, call ahead.


7.Chew Gun


Never chew gun during your interview, it can be considered as a disrespectful act, in case you are chewing gun, make sure you drop it properly before your interview begins.


8.Criticism of past employers


Never criticize your last employer(s), the interviewer probably will call them to be sure about your references, so avoid doing that, even if the interviewer seems to be a really comprehensive person.

12 Things not to do during interviews



Be respectful and honest with your interviewer(s), it won’t be hard for them to realize if you are lying or not, and in case you get hired, it will probably be the reason for you being fired.


10.Lack of Vitality


Be sure that you sleep properly the night before your interview, being tired, sleepy or sick can affect your qualification during the interview, if you are in this situation, always try to show the best of you.


11.Be desperate for the job


Even if you are, do not let know the interviewer that you are desperate for the job, you need to show yourself as somebody who can solve problems and that can be useful for the company, not like someone who needs money.


12.Ask no questions about the job


Ask during your interviews, that will show your interest for the job and the company, and also the fact that you were listening carefully to the interviewer, of course wait for the correct moment to do it, usually during the interview you will have a moment to ask.

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