All Natural Sleep Aids You Will Love


Want To Sleep Better?

In order to get anywhere with your personal development and stay on the path to a better life, it is very important for you to get the proper rest. Sleep deprivation can really cause havoc and put you on the wrong path or even no path at all.

If you don’t want to use medication to get better sleep then this will be very interesting. You will find out several all natural sleeps aids to help you sleep like a baby.

Catherine gives you great suggestions that you are sure to love.

Can’t sleep? These natural sleep aids don’t have the harmful effects of over the counter pills, and they won’t make you groggy! Try a combination of these natural sleep aids for the best results when you can’t sleep!

1) A bedtime snack of ice cream

The bedtime snack is by the most overlooked of natural sleep aids. Using ice cream as a bedtime snack works in magical ways by providing your body with calcium, sugar, salt, protein and fat. All of these constituents work to reduce stress hormones (such as adrenaline, cortisol and parathyroid hormone) to help you fall asleep!


Ice cream that is made from quality dairy products and is made without additives is loaded with vitamins A, D, calcium, fat and has been said to have a macro-nutrient profile similar to breast milk. No wonder it’s an anti-stress comfort food!


Making your own ice cream is super easy, but if you can’t there are a few clean brands you can usually find at the store. Always check your ingredient lists, and be suspicious of anything other than cream, milk, sugar, egg yolks, ground vanilla beans and vanilla extract! Be especially weary of harmful gut additives like carrageenan and high fructose corn syrup.


Note: if you are lactose intolerance or have a food sensitivity to dairy, try #2 instead.


2) Salted bone broth & ripe fruit before bed

Bone broth is high in glycine, an amino acid that has many anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties. “A generous supply of glycine/gelatin, against a balanced background of amino acids, has a great variety of antistress actions. Glycine is recognized as an “inhibitory” neurotransmitter, and promotes natural sleep.” Dr. Ray Peat, PhD. (source)


Glycine coupled with the calcium found in bone broth makes it a perfect stress hormone reducing snack. Along with bone broth, eat some easy to digest carbohydrates such as ripe fruit. “Combining milk and cheese with fruits adds to the antistress effect.


The additional sugar and potassium and other minerals allow the milk protein to be used more efficiently, by moderating the secretion of cortisol, and helping to inhibit the secretion of PTH,” Dr. Ray Peat, PhD. (source)

3) Relax!

Making a conscious effort to relax before bedtime is a great natural sleep aid. There are many ways to help yourself relax; this includes reading, dimming the lights, taking a bath, and my personal favorite– applying either Lavender or Cedarwood essential oil before bed.


Lavender is an adaptogen, meaning it works to balance imbalances in the body. It’s uplifting, calming, and relaxing qualities can help soothe occasional sleeplessness. According to this study, “Inhalation of essential oils may be considered for people with mild sleep disturbances” and “A majority of the study findings suggested a positive effect of essential oils on sleep.


Lavender was the most frequently studied essential oil. No adverse events were reported.”

All Natural Sleep Aids You Will Love

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