Don’t Do Yoga at Home Until You Read This

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Are You Ready To Benefit From The Art Of Yoga

There are many advantages to doing yoga in a studio, but sometimes there’s no place like home. Learn why, where, and how to practice yoga in your own home.

Why You May Want to Practice Yoga at Home

1. Customize your session. The most rewarding thing about doing yoga at home is that you can engage in deliberate practice. Focus on the specific areas where you want to make progress, identify your obstacles, and experiment with different solutions. Maybe you need to strengthen your triceps or stretch your quadriceps so you can do a full backbend.

2. Save money. On the practical side, frequent studio lessons can be expensive. Alternating between home practice and public classes could give you a lot more spending money.

3. Be consistent. It’s easy to miss classes because of business trips, snow storms, and sick children. Eliminating the drive across town allows you to squeeze in more sessions.

4. Build your confidence. Do you compare yourself to other students who look thinner or wrap their legs behind their head? Yoga is a gift you give yourself, but you might feel more comfortable without a crowd.

Yoga And Confidence

Author: Teri Ballard

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