Top 10 Life Secrets You Didn’t Learn In School

5. It’s important to forgive easily. When you forgive others, you set yourself free. Forgiveness doesn’t always mean you give the other person a second chance. It means that you’re choosing not to suffer any longer.

Top 10 Life Secrets You Didn't Learn In School

6. Most of the things you worry about will never happen. We’re all experts at creating imaginary challenges. We worry and expect the worst. Take a few moments and think about the biggest worries you’ve had. Most of them never happened. There’s plenty of time to get upset after something negative actually happens. Avoid feeling bad before it’s justified.

7. You only need a couple of good friends. Good friends are hard to find. Those people that you believe have 20 close friends do not. Focus on making quality relationships. You don’t have enough time to take care of more than a couple of close friends anyway.

8. Find a partner that fits into your life, rather than trying to build a life around your partner. Suppose you have the life-long dream of spending your winters in San Diego and your summers in the south of France. It doesn’t make sense to become romantically involved with someone that insists on living near their family in Oklahoma.

• Build a life you love and then find someone that fits into your lifestyle. There are more people you could happily spend a lifetime with than you think.

Top 10 Life Secrets You Didn't Learn In School

9. Find your purpose. Living in a three-bedroom ranch with two kids and a dog is not enough. Imagine having everything you want in life, but spending 8+ hours each day at a job you despise. You’ll spend a lot of time at work. Ensure that you find something you enjoy.

10. Stay in shape. Even the 3-sport high school athlete can eventually reach 300 pounds. It’s much easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. Develop an exercise routine and diet plan you can follow for a lifetime.

It’s possible to do well in school and still struggle with life. However, life is easier than you think once you understand these secrets you never learned in school.

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Author: Sterling McCartney

Sterling McCartney is a partner at Science of Imagery. Sterling has the unique ability to turn adversity into triumph and his goal is to share his talent with others. To teach other people to live the best life they can and to teach them good personal development habits. It is his desire to make the world a better place by paying it forward and teaching others to be able to do the same.

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  1. GREAT article Sterling , these are truly great tips. We really don’t learn these things in school. SOO GLAD SCIENCE OF IMAGERY IS HERE TO FILL IN THOSE BLANKS. THANKS BUNCHES

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