The Recipe For Success

Do You Know The Recipe For Success?

Learning the recipe for success can make life much easier. Success is the result of a recipe that anyone can create. The first part of the recipe is action. Without action, nothing can be completed. The next ingredient for the recipe is a dream. Without dreams and desires, we will be clueless as to what direction we want to travel in life. The third ingredient is a plan. No dream can be accomplished without first determining the steps that are needed to make it happen. The last and likely most important ingredient is belief in yourself. Without belief, nothing is possible. However, on the other hand, with belief anything is achievable.


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Author: Teri Ballard

Teri Ballard is a partner at Science of Imagery. Teri has been in the personal development niche for many years and her goal is to share her knowledge with others. To help others help themselves. Her desire if for everyone to live the best life they can and hopes to provide the tips and tools to help them do so.

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