Surviving Workplace Stress

In today’s society, commonly more than one person in a household is working outside the home. As it seems our lives are filled with constant stress, adding yet more with workplace stress can be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Dale Carnegie explains how to work your way through this.

Pressure situations are present during both good and bad economic times. However, when times are tough the situations can be magnified. Problems at home can directly influence issues in the workplace. It is important as a manager to recognize that your team might have outside stressors affecting their job performance.


It is your job to create an environment that reduces stress and promotes engagement. In a workplace environment like this, employees will be more apt to reach their full potential and drive results. Here are 8 tips to help you and your team control stress and worry in tough situations:


workplace stress

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There are enough things to deal with on a day to day basis while one is trying to earn a living. Adding unneeded stress to the mix will do nothing but harm you mentally and physical and perhaps even harm your career. Learning these tips will help you have a less stressful working environment.

Live in a compartment of the present.


The professional with a commitment to service seals off each interaction with a customer so that negative experiences don’t poison future interactions. Don’t allow past successes or failures or future anticipated success or difficulties influence your current performance. When it comes to customer service, live in the moment.


Don’t fuss about trifles.


A “trifle” is something that is insignificant in comparison to other things in your life. When you focus on trifles, you lose perspective. Keep the big picture in mind. Doing so will help you objectively sort out the small stuff from the important issues.


See all the tips, Dale Carnegie

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