A Sure-Fire Process To Break Your Addiction To Electronic Devices

A Sure-Fire Process To Break Your Addiction To Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices Are Beneficial If Used In Moderation

Do you love your electronic devices? Electronic devices are very stimulating and potentially addicting. While there are some people that routinely misplace their cell phone and couldn’t care less about finding it, there are many others that won’t even go to the restroom or eat a meal without it. Others can’t watch TV or sit on the deck without their tablet computer.

Are you unable to go a single evening without TV, a cell phone, or a computer? How would it make you feel? Do you believe you’d be missing out on something important? If so, you might have an addiction.

Break Your Addiction To Your Electronic Devices:

1. Make a list of your electronic distractions. In order of preference, list the electronic devices you can’t live without. The most common include: cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, iPod or similar devices, computer games, TV, and the movie theater. Also make a list of the websites that you can’t seem to avoid, like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

2. List the times you’d most like to stop. It’s especially sad when a parent is mesmerized by their cell phone while their child is participating in a sporting event or other function. Maybe you can’t even stop checking your phone while you’re eating dinner with your family.

List all the times you use your electronic devices but know you shouldn’t. Those are the most important places to start.

3. Start slowly. Put away your phone during meals. Or spend at least an hour with your child without using any electronic devices. Turn off your phone and allow your child or significant other to hide it for an hour. You’ll be amazed at how much this excites them.

Trying to change too much, too soon, will lead to frustration and failure. A small step forward each day is all it takes.

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Author: Sterling McCartney

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