The Rocky Road To Restoring Trust

The Rocky Road To Restoring Trust

Are You Ready To Begin Restoring Trust?

Trust holds relationships together, but sometimes the bonds unravel. According to several major studies, about one in five married adults cheat on their spouse. Even if you avoid a major betrayal, you’re still likely to run into a coworker who talks behind your back or a friend who gives you the cold shoulder.

Trust can be restored, but it takes work. Consider these strategies for what to do when you let others down or feel like you’ve been deceived.

What To Do When You Damage The Trust

1. Apologize sincerely. Express your regret for what you did and acknowledge the impact that your actions had on others’ lives. Resist the urge to make excuses, and listen to what the other person has to say even if it’s uncomfortable to hear.

2. Skip the details. While you need to be candid with yourself, you may be able to spare the other person’s feelings if you leave out some of the fine points. Your girlfriend may want to know that you were flirting with a coworker, but she’d probably be happier without hearing the full transcript.

3. Make amends. Back up your words with concrete actions. That may include offering financial compensation or making a public statement about your part in the situation.

4. Change your behavior. Avoiding a repeat performance is usually the most effective way to demonstrate your remorse. You’ll need to understand what you did and create new habits that keep you from going down that path again.

5. Resolve underlying issues. While you’re examining yourself, you may notice disturbing patterns concerning yourself or your relationship. Reach out for additional resources that can help you make more constructive decisions. Talk with a therapist or a close friend.

6. Be patient. Healing takes time. Give others the opportunity to see that you’re determined to make real changes.

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