Power of Vulnerability


Emotions are energy and energy has to go somewhere. So when you suppress that energy (your emotion) instead of expressing that energy, it sits in your body and causes it to deteriorate. Okay that sounds harsh, but it’s true.

Energy Cannot Be Created or Destroyed It Can Only Convert From One Form to Another

– Albert Einstein

Emotions have a vibration. So if you suppress that vibration, you are now a point of attraction for that energy vibration. And as you know the universe must match the energy vibration we are putting off. The only emotions you can heal are the ones you let yourself feel and express.

In order to feel our emotions we must be willing to risk vulnerability. And of course vulnerability can be difficult especially when most of us equate vulnerability with being hurt. Therefore, for many it may seem risky for us to come into touch with our emotions.

What is vulnerability?

The definition of vulnerability is being, “Capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt.”

This definition is totally misleading hence the reason there is so many defensive, combative people in this world. I’m not saying that one has to be defenseless, of course you need to love and take care of yourself and not let people walk over you. But it’s a matter of being absolutely honest with yourself about how you feel. No filters!

Vulnerability is in fact that raw space that we are so uncomfortable with, that we try to numb it out with pills, food, alcohol, exercise, drugs or any kind of addiction. You cannot heal any situation you want to heal in your life if you’re not willing to risk vulnerability. Healing depends on your willingness to express the complete truth of how you feel.

“The Power of Vulnerability” is awesome 20 minute TED talk by Dr. Brene Brown. She examines vulnerability, courage, imperfection and shame from a very practical perspective.  Hope you enjoy.

To Your Health & Happiness


Author: Kim

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  1. Thank you for a n inspiring video input. Something I am really struggling with having once achieved the amazing strength through humility and vulnerability only to have seemingly lost it after major surgery. I feel so dependent and am aware how important it is to break the vicious spiral. Help pleas

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    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks so much for the post!
      Going through something traumatic like surgery, can definitely put us in a place feel where we feel like we need to constantly protect ourselves. We don’t want to risk getting hurt.

      The key to vulnerability is to get in touch with your emotions.

      In a few days I am going to write a newsletter about this, “How To Express Your Emotions Completely”.
      Bit just a tip, our emotions are like a layered cake. When something “bad” happens we go through a spectrum
      of emotions.

      So my tip to you is, pick one topic that triggers you, and go through the layers.

      Ask yourself-
      “What makes me [angry] about this situation?” Once you’ve answered this, continue with the next emotion listed below for the same situation, and so on.

      Anger –> Disappointment –> Fear –> Understanding –> Love

      I hope this helps.

      To Your Health & Happiness!

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  2. most people in seattle are uncomfortable with vulnerability. They seem to have no compassion It is very hard when I am all alone and have to deal with no friends. people seem unstable and flighty and have no depth

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    • Hi,

      I can completely understand where you are coming from. I may not live in Seattle, but people in Arizona seem to be the same way, at least certain people. It’s all about getting out there and meeting new people. I believe that every area has it’s flighty people. However, with enough determination, I’m sure you can meet a group of people that you love to be around. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

      Have a wonderful day!


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