A Parent’s Guide To Raising Compassionate Children

A Parent’s Guide To Raising Compassionate Children

Raise A Compassionate Child And Gift The World

While all children are individuals with their own personalities, parents have a tremendous amount of influence. There are many things a parent can do to teach sensitivity, compassion, and concern for others.

A Compassionate Child Is A Gift To The World:

1. Set a good example. Demonstrate compassion and your children will mimic your behavior. Are you compassionate with others? Or are you harsh and inconsiderate? Your child looks to you for cues regarding how to behave and view the world. Be the best example you can be.

What are the logical conclusions your child would reach from observing how to interact with others?

2. Point out when others are compassionate. When you observe someone showing compassion, talk about it with your child. It can be an event in everyday life or a character in a movie. It’s as easy as saying, “Wow, the princess is being so nice to that boy. She really cares about his feelings. I bet he likes that.”

3. Spend time with your child doing things for others. Take your unneeded clothes to Goodwill and explain the reasons to your child. Encourage your child to donate toys so less fortunate children can have toys, too.

4. Encourage your child to help others. Perhaps you notice your child helping his sister to put her toys away. Acknowledge it and praise your child. Behaviors that are rewarded are more likely to reoccur.

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A Parent’s Guide To Raising Compassionate Children

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