Open Your Heart Chakra And Experience The True Meaning Of Love

Our chakras are energy centers that can either help us through life of cause complications for us. What determines whether a chakra will help you to excel or hold you back is whether or not the chakra is open and in good health. The heart chakra in particular is very important to keep open and balanced, especially if love is something you want in your life.

Check out this article from Love or Above about the importance of opening the heart chakra to allow love into our lives.

When Chakras Are Blocked


Good physical and emotional health requires the free flow of energy. When emotional disturbances such as persistent negative thoughts block energy, your life is negatively affected.


When your energy is blocked in one chakra, it affects the others. Some chakras may be over-abundant while others are depleted. There may be leakage, or stagnation. You may feel heavy, stuck, unbalanced, confused, physically ill, weak, lethargic, and emotionally unstable. These feelings manifest in unwanted circumstances:


•poor finances
•poor health
•lack of love; unhealthy relationships
•lack of enthusiasm for life


The following illnesses are associated with a blocked heart chakra: heart pain, hypertension, asthma, anger, anxiety/panic/paranoia, cancer, heart attack, fatigue, difficulty breathing and insomnia.


A river is a great metaphor for the energy flowing through your body. When the water is flowing freely, all life along the river thrives. When the water is dammed, there is too much water upstream, causing flooding; and too little water downstream, causing drought. Life suffers, both upstream and downstream of the blockage! That is why it’s essential to keep your chakras open – so that you can thrive, and not merely survive.


For a quick test to see which of your chakras are blocked, do a chakra test. You may have blockages in more than one chakra; but there is usually one main blockage that affects the others. Unblock it, and the rest of the system comes into balance.


Opening the Heart Chakra


Energy flows through the body along meridians and through energy centers or chakras.Fear, guilt, jealousy, resentment, anger, hurt and bitterness are held in the heart. Think about how you feel when you feel these emotions. Not good, right? There’s a very real physical reaction! Stagnating negativity makes you unhappy and makes you feel unworthy or incapable of giving and/or receiving love.


Essentials for healing your heart chakra and simultaneously raising your vibration:


It takes time! Don’t set a timeline because your situation is unique. Healing is a process that is entirely dependent on the amount of effort you put into it. Learning to love both yourself and others unconditionally is a beautiful experience!


Self-awareness is essential. Are you aware of the depth of emotion affecting your heart chakra? You may be burying hurts, while believing you have released them. If you experience any of the symptoms of a blocked heart chakra, those hurts have not been released! When you identify the source of your hurts (through meditation) you can begin clearing the chakra.


Heart-Healing Techniques


1. Visualize: while you are meditating, visualize loving, healing light entering your crown chakra (at the top of your head) and moving down to your heart. Imagine love and light filling every dark corner of your heart (where your hurts live). As your heart fills with love and light, negativity dissipates. You’ll see great results if you do this meditation every day for just a few minutes!


2. Hug and touch. Physical touch, especially hugging, is important to heart chakra health. A pet may satisfy this need, if you aren’t in a relationship and family is far away; otherwise, get frequent massages and create and nurture close friendships.


3. Open yourself to intimacy. Many people who are commitment-phobic have a blocked heart chakra! They fear the loss of freedom or independence, or they fear rejection or loss of love if the relationship sours – so they avoid it in the first place. Allowing yourself the experience of love is essential to opening your heart chakra!

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Author: Sean May

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