Move On, It’s The Only Way To Make Progress

To Get Ahead, You Must Move On

Every last one of us will fall short from time to time when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams. However, we cannot allow this to hold us back. The trick to getting ahead in life is to never quit moving forward. Simply be the best that you can be and never allow a mistake to hinder your progress. Pick yourself back up, learn the lessons that are available and continue to move on. At times, this may be hard to do. However, keeping the prize at the end of the tunnel in mind should make your journey a lot simpler.


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Author: Teri Ballard

Teri Ballard is a partner at Science of Imagery. Teri has been in the personal development niche for many years and her goal is to share her knowledge with others. To help others help themselves. Her desire if for everyone to live the best life they can and hopes to provide the tips and tools to help them do so.

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