How To Motivate Your Child To Do Their Best

How To Motivate Your Child To Do Their Best

Motivate Your Child So They Can Have The Best Life Has To Offer

Some children are highly self-motivated. They possess a continuous drive to give their best 100% of the time. Other children are less enthusiastic. Some children require assistance in learning to do their best, particularly at school. Life is more challenging if approached with minimal effort. A child that learns to do her best with have a more fulfilling life.

Teach Your Child To Give Their Best Effort:

1. Set a good example. Do you want your child to do her best? Do your best.  It’s challenging to motivate your child to do something you’re not willing to do yourself.

2. Give praise for effort. Only acknowledging results is insufficient, especially when a child is learning a new task. Ensure that your child knows you appreciate their hard work. Teach your child that effort is as important as the final results.

3. Avoid criticizing or yelling. There’s a more effective way.

Explain why your child’s behavior is unacceptable.
Communicate what you expect in the future and why your alternative is better.
Inform your child of the consequences if they repeat the behavior.
Follow through.

4. Ask questions. People mention what they think is important. By asking questions about your child’s school work, friends, sports, or art work, you’re demonstrating that those things are important. Your child will take them more seriously.

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