Meditation, Simpler Than You Likely Think

There are a lot of people who are interested in meditating because they have heard of the benefits that it can bring into their lives. However, many of the same people refrain from actually meditating, or give up very shortly after trying it, because they feel as if it is too hard or it is something they are not capable of doing.

Believe it or not, meditating really is not that difficult. I would like you to look at things from a simpler point of view for a moment.

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Among various possible tips for self-improvement I believe that meditation is a very important one. Often when people hear the word meditation they tend to be a little bit scared. They imagine something somewhat mysterious or religious. They believe it is a very complicated technique that will required them a consequent investment in time and money before they can start getting some hypothetical benefits. Or maybe, if you are like me, you have problems with your knees that prevent you from sitting cross-legged. In this short article I would like to give you simple meditation instructions to get you started.


Meditation Made Simple

Let’s look at what is actually meditation. In a nutshell, meditation is a practice where you focus on your breath while trying not to think about anything. That’s it!




• is not a religious act in itself
• doesn’t required any materials to get started
• doesn’t require you to be a contortionist
• doesn’t have to take a lot of your time


I have only been practicing meditation on a daily basis for several months but I really feel that it helped me become more calm, more at peace and more focused. Meditation is also a great way to enhance well-being in general.


I’m not an expert and it is exactly what I want to tell you: you don’t need to be an expert! If you believe that you need to take meditation classes or read books to get started, only those of you who are really motivated will give it a shot. Since meditation practiced on a daily basis is beneficial for everyone, as a self-improvement advice I would encourage everyone to adopt that new habit.

When you will start meditating, you will realize how hard it is to stop thinking. Your mind won’t stop. Sometimes, people told me: “I can’t even do meditation for 3 minutes, my thoughts are all over the place”. It is totally normal. As long as you are trying to control your thoughts the best you can at your current level, you are doing meditation. And I’m convinced you will get benefits from your daily practice. Meditation will help you become more aware of your thoughts and to better deal with your negative thoughts.
Let’s make it very simple to start with, and progressively work on improving the quality of our meditation practice.

Meditation Exercise

I don’t want to give you any excuses not to try meditation. Here is how you can easily get started:
Close your eyes, breath slowly through your nose, focus on your breath while trying to get rid of any thoughts that come to your mind. Do it just for 3 minutes. That’s it! You can sit on a chair or sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Practice every single day for two weeks, then go for 4 minutes, 5 minutes and so on. If possible aim to reach 20 to 30 minutes per day but it is entirely up to you. Some people do more. If you are busy you can do less. Personally, I’m currently meditating 20 minutes every day but plan to meditate more in the near future. Last but not least, be patient! It takes some time before you feel the benefits of meditation.

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Author: Sean May

Sean May is the founder of Science of Imagery. Sean focuses on helping individuals and companies reach their personal and professional goals while working to make the world a better place, one smile at a time. He has over 10 years of experience in the Personal Development space, using many different modalities and techniques to help break through old belief patterns and focusing on making things as fun as possible to break through any negativity or seriousness.

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  1. Most simple way you have explained, so not only it makes easy but motivates one to take ACTION. Million Tks. Brooklyn Vijay

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    • Hello,
      I’m glad to hear that this post was helpful for you. Meditation is a lot simpler than a lot of people think. One of the wonderful things about using the power of meditation to improve life would be the fact that it can be simple to do and extremely effective. Thank you for your positive feedback and have a great day!


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  2. These tips are great. I love meditation. It really savedmy life. All of these articles that you all share with me are outstanding and I am TRULY GRATEFUL for ALL of YOU

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