Laughter Therapy – Laughing Your Way To A Better Life

The Amazing Benefits Of Laughter Therapy

Healing With Laughter TherapyLaughter is very important in life. Without it, life would seem dull and it would hardly seem worth getting out of bed every morning. On the other hand, an abundance of laughter in our lives can make our lives joyous and can actually even improve our health. Yes that’s right; the simple act of laughing can improve your health!

Have you ever heard of laughter therapy? If not do not be embarrassed as this form of therapy is not very common yet. In fact it is fairly new. However, more and more people are beginning to use this amazing form of therapy and for many different reasons.

Laughter therapy can be used for anything from sprucing up your day to treating depression as well as even treating certain health conditions. The best part is the fact that it can do all of these wonderful things without the added side effects that certain medications would cause to treat the same issue.

As the years go on, it seems like doctors and therapists are beginning to hand prescriptions out more and more. It’s like the days of trying to figure out the root of the problem are over. For this reason, you should become aware of more natural approaches for both mental and physical healing. You would honestly be surprised by how beneficial a simple laugh can be!

What happens when we laugh?

amazing results from laughingThere are many different things that happen when we laugh, both mentally and physically. One of the most common things people associate with laughter is the good feeling that surges through their body when they do it. Have you ever wondered what causes you to feel so good when you laugh? Our brains actually release certain chemicals when we laugh. These chemicals are responsible for making us feel good. Think of a time that you had a really good belly laugh, you felt great right? You felt so good because there was a massive amount of these natural chemicals released when you laughed. Laughing also causes your body to do somewhat of a mild workout. There are actually several different ways that your health in general can benefit from laughing. One example would be the fact that laughing causes your oxygen intake to increase. Whether you are ill or perfectly healthy, oxygen is very important. Therefore, the opportunity to increase your oxygen intake should not be passed up. Laughter also causes your blood pressure to drop. This is caused by a decrease in epinephrine and endorphin secretion. At first the blood pressure will raise but afterward it will once again fall. This can come in handy for those who have problems regulating their blood pressure. While taking prescribed medications for blood pressure issues is highly important, laughter can be an added means of defense. One of the most beneficial things about laughing is the fact that it causes us to get a mild workout without even realizing it. While the workout you get may not be extreme or enough to replace an actual workout routine, it is still a way to get a bit of exercise while having a blast at the same time! Psychological wellness is another benefit you can expect from laughter. As mentioned earlier, your brain produces many natural chemicals that are responsible for making you feel good when you laugh. Therefore, it only makes sense that you should laugh as much as possible. As you can see, there are many benefits that can come from laughing. That is the exact reason why laughter therapy was developed. Somebody had the brilliant idea to turn the gift of laughter into a form of treatment for both physical and mental health issues. Laughter therapy is also a good option for those experiencing no current health or psychological problems as it can also be used as a preventative form of therapy.

How can laughter therapy help you?

The first and likely most obvious benefit that you will receive from laughter therapy is happiness. True happiness is a gift in itself. When we are happy, the world seems like a brighter place. It seems as if everything just falls into place and when problems do arise, they can easily be brushed off. The happier we are in life, the better our life will become. Laughter therapy also has the ability to brighten the moods of those who undergo harsh medical treatments due to chronic life threatening diseases. If you or anyone you know has ever suffered from cancer or any other serious illness, you are aware that half of the battle is the mindset of the person fighting. Those who give in to the illness seem to slip away and there is nothing we can do about it. However, those who laugh on a daily basis and enjoy their life continue to fight, likely because there is something worth fighting for. People who currently take pain killers may seriously want to consider giving laughter therapy a try. The reason for this is the fact that laughter therapy is believed to act as a natural pain suppressant. A lot of people are overjoyed when they discover this natural pain treatment and for good reason. Painkillers can be full of a lot of dangerous substances and they can also become addictive. On the other hand, laughing is completely safe and even if you do become addicted to it, is that really a bad thing 😉 As mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of physical and psychological benefits that can be obtained by using laughter therapy. This makes it a very valuable treatment options for people with many different illnesses and disorders, especially those that are chronic. For example, laughing causes an increased amount of oxygen intake so it only makes sense that it has the potential to be an effective treatment method for asthma. Another example would be the fact that laughing causes the brain to release natural chemicals that make us feel happy. Therefore, laughter therapy is a valuable treatment option for psychological issues such as depression. Those who suffer from issues such as anxiety disorder can also greatly benefit from using laughter therapy. As mentioned earlier, laughing causes your blood pressure to drop and offers a calming effect. Anyone who has ever suffered through a panic attack before knows how unpleasant and truly terrifying they can be. Laughter therapy could possibly be your savior the next time your anxiety levels are becoming high. Basically, no matter what your problem is, laughter therapy can likely help you through it and just as effectively as other alternative methods. This completely safe and natural treatment method has the potential to become the wave of the future!

Who can use laughter therapy?

The beautiful thing about laughter therapy is the fact that anyone can do it. Yes that’s right, anyone! Some people in certain conditions may feel as if laughing is impossible and this is understandable. For example, those who are depressed or in a lot of pain may have not laughed for quite some time. For this reason I am very pleased to inform you that laughter therapy does not even require genuine laughter. It may be hard to believe that fake laughter can produce the same effects as genuine laughter but there are studies that show it’s true. On top of that, faking a laugh or being around others who are, often times sounds so awkward that it produces a real laugh. You can think of a fake laugh somewhat as a primer on an engine, you have to give it a few good pumps before the engine will fire up. Even people with very serious illnesses can benefit from using laughter therapy. In fact, laughter therapy is becoming quite a popular treatment method at several respectable cancer treatment centers. This is due to the fact that it is believed that the natural healing powers of laughter can help cancer patients by putting some shine back in their life. On top of that, the natural pain suppressing abilities of laughter is an awesome alternative to painkillers which can further suppress immune systems and cause more harm than good. There are no restrictions as to who may use laughter therapy. Anyone, at any age and physical as well as mental ability can experience the awesome benefits that laughter therapy has to offer, as long as they give it a shot!

So, in conclusion!

You have the ability to laugh yourself to a better life. You have the option of experiencing one of the most natural and amazing treatment methods ever, whether you choose to use this option or not is entirely up to you. It seems as if the old time saying laughter is the best medicine, really does have some truth behind it. Please keep in mind that there may still be a need for other treatments while using laughter therapy. While it may be very effective when it comes to treating many different issues, you should never place yourself in danger. For example, while undergoing laughter therapy you should never suddenly stop prescribed medications without first consulting your doctor.

You should seriously consider giving laughter therapy a try.

After all, it may possibly be the best thing you have ever discovered and it may help you take your life to new heights and levels. The only person you will be cutting short, by not giving it at least a shot, is yourself. It is entirely safe and there are no catches to using it. All you need to have is the desire to better yourself and the will to create a happier future. Laughter is one of the greatest gifts to humankind. Take full advantage of this gift and utilize the benefits that laughter therapy has to offer you! Get Started With Laughter Therapy

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Author: Sean May

Sean May is the founder of Science of Imagery. Sean focuses on helping individuals and companies reach their personal and professional goals while working to make the world a better place, one smile at a time. He has over 10 years of experience in the Personal Development space, using many different modalities and techniques to help break through old belief patterns and focusing on making things as fun as possible to break through any negativity or seriousness.

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  1. Sign me up. Very interested in laughing therapy so much so that would like to become an expert in it! LOL

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  2. Yes, laughter is happiness. I didn’t know it has so many benefits, including health benefits as well. I don’t plan laughter but when it happens, like today…besides the happiness it really feels like workout….also a benefit.

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    • Absolutely! That is the wonderful thing, when it isn’t planned you get amazing benefits and it is so easy to plan laughter as well that you get double the benefits 🙂

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  3. How wonderful! I never thought of laughter as therapy , to treat or aid us in so many ways. Just what I needed today! Lol

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    • Awesome! I’m glad it was useful and can’t wait to hear about your results 🙂

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  4. Laughter therapy really works. I’ve worked with Sean and was amazed at how much better I felt after the session.

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    • Awesome, I’m so glad you saw good results with it 🙂

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