Jurassic Park And Conflict Resolution

Jurassic Park And Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Made Simple

Jurassic Park sequels are more than just a good time. Along with the amazing beasts and scary chases you can pick up valuable lessons on conflict resolution.

After all, some negotiating principles are the same whether you’re trying to agree on how to outrun a pack of raptors or install a new computer system. Try these tips that have been helping to settle differences since the last ice age.

Gain Trust

When will InGen learn? They keep bringing in meaner mercenaries and bigger weapons when the dinosaurs rebel against being pushed around. Treating others with respect helps to prevent conflicts.

1. Listen closely. Start by paying attention to what others have to say. Trying to understand their position will help you find common ground. Ask relevant questions and restate what others say to ensure you’re on the same page.

2. Share information. Show others that you’re willing to trust them by being transparent. Disclose as much as you can about pertinent facts and your own motivation.

3. Offer compromises. You’ll enjoy deeper satisfaction and create more stability if you search for solutions that each party can feel good about. Be willing to let go of some things you want if it helps the group.

4. Stay calm. Anger and blame interfere with progress. Take a break if you need to cool off. You can assert your needs while being civil and tactful. Staying cool helps you to look more confident and capable.

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Author: Sean May

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