How Do Gems And Your Soul Go Together

Color and light is a form of energy. Everything in this world is energy. You give off energy and you emit a sort of connection to certain colors and light depending on how well or not how well you take care of your soul. You can find out what gems represents your soul.

Steve Aitchison gives you a good look into this as well as a game.


From your innermost essence to your physical body, you are made of and nourished by a continuous flow of life force. This life force is a current of light which springs from the source of life itself. When it flows freely, you experience joy, vitality, and vibrant health.

In the natural course of living, however, various blockages accumulate within this flow. These blockages create dark clouds within you. They obscure your radiance and give rise to disharmony, pain, and disease.



Like us, the Earth is enlivened by life force. As the Earth was forming, life energy was infused into the planet’s crystalline matrices. Thus, the Earth’s gemstones came to embody and express the life force within the planet.

How Do Gems And Your Soul Go TogetherImage credit: Gem Boutique PA

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