Get Mindful With The Top 8 Exercises

Experience The Power Of Being Mindful

6Mindfulness exercises are a great way of relaxing and placing yourself in the now.

Living in the moment is extremely important in life, especially for those who desire a happy life.

This can be achieved easily with mindfulness exercises and the best part about them is the fact that they are extremely easy to do. Anyone can experience the benefits these exercises have to offer, even someone brand new to them.

Check out these great mindfulness exercises from PRACTICING MINDFULNESS.


Mindful Hand Awareness Exercise


Grasp your hands really tight and hold for a 5 to 10 seconds, then release and pay attention to how your hands feel. Keep your attention focused on the feeling for as long as you can.


Mental Focus Exercise


Stare at any object and try to remain focused on just that object for as long as possible. Keep a mental watch on when your mind starts to wander, then just bring it back to the object. The longer you can remain focused, the more your mindfulness will increase.


Tactile Exercise


Pinch your arm and pay close attention to how it feels and what your emotions begin doing. Pay attention to the pain it causes, and how it radiates out from the site where you pinch. This exercise can really tune you in to how your body deals with discomfort and what emotions rise. Do you get angry when you feel pain?


Musical Stimuli Exercise


Listen to your favorite song and pay attention to how it makes you feel. What emotions stir? What memories come up, and how do those memories make you feel? Engage the emotions and see where they lead.


Olfactory Sense Exercise


Smell something strong like coffee beans or perfume and pay close attention to what happens in your nose, and then what feelings these scents evoke.


Just as in step 5, but with taste instead of smell.


Melting Exercise


Sit and relax, and imagine yourself melting into everything around you. You might begin to feel at one with everything after some practice.


Full Sensory Awareness Exercise


Wherever you are, just stop and look around when safe to do so. Become aware of everything that your senses pick up. How do you feel? Do you feel over-stimulated? Do you feel anxious?


Silence Exercise


Spend an hour or two in complete silence, and just absorb your surroundings. Earplugs might help this exercise.

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To see the rest of the exercises, PRACTICING MINDFULNESS

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