Create Goals That Work For You Instead Of You Working For Them

With all the advice that floats around when it comes to goals, it can be hard to decipher which information you should take to heart and what is advice that should just be forgotten about. In all honesty, what works with one person when  comes to goal setting may not work with another person. The reason for this is the fact that we are all different and therefore we will have different ways of doing things.

For this reason, it may actually be a better idea to not worry about how to complete our goals and instead begin determining goals that are actually meaningful as well as accomplishable.

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Much has been written about the importance of setting goals to achieve success but I think it is also an important strategy when wondering how to make life better for yourself. To improve your life you need to know what is important to you, what things you want to achieve and how you are going to go about achieving them.


You wouldn’t set out to build a house without first deciding what materials to use and what design you want. Your life is no different; you need to know what you want but you also need a plan to help you build it right. Establishing goals will be a major step in achieving what you want in life. You can’t, and won’t, get what you want if you don’t know what it is you want.


Before you can set your life goals, you need to have worked out what is important to you. When you know what is important, you then need to make these things into a priority list with the most important at the top. This list of your priorities in life will form the blueprint for setting your life goals. It will also form the benchmark against which you will measure your achievements and help to keep you on track.


As your life plan unfolds and you go about the business of achieving your goals, you can keep referring back to your priority list to make sure that your actions are in line with what you decided is important to you. In the busyness and frustrations of life, it is all too easy to lose sight of what is really important. It is imperative that you continually check in with those priorities to make sure you are still on track. Unfortunately, it is so easy to get off the track. Regularly ask yourself the question “Is what I am doing going to achieve what I wanted with this aspect of my life? Is it impacting negatively with any other areas of my life?”


For example, if your career is a priority for you, think about how you want your career to develop, what you want to achieve in your working life and what steps and strategies will you need to put in place to achieve what you want. The best goals are specific, so fill in the fine detail as you are making these decisions. When do you want that promotion? Who do you want to work for? When do you want to be earning that salary figure? When do you want to achieve that success? How will you achieve that? Knowing what you want isn’t enough; you need to also work out the when, why, how, who and where of your goals. This information then forms the backbone of your life plan.

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Author: Sean May

Sean May is the founder of Science of Imagery. Sean focuses on helping individuals and companies reach their personal and professional goals while working to make the world a better place, one smile at a time. He has over 10 years of experience in the Personal Development space, using many different modalities and techniques to help break through old belief patterns and focusing on making things as fun as possible to break through any negativity or seriousness.

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