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how to be more confident

Building Confidence

Are you stuck in the same place in life and aren’t quite sure what is holding you back? Life isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to bettering our circumstances and reaching for our dreams. More often than not, the reason people are not able to do this is because they are not confident in themselves.

As we go through life, there are many experiences that we will go through and have already gone through, that will either build our confidence or chip it away.

The higher our level of self-confidence is, the more likely it becomes that we will achieve great things. On the other hand, those who don’t believe in themselves seem to have a hard time getting anything done.

When you ask a people why they have not achieved their goals, many of them would reply that they are consumed with fear. Fear is a very real thing. However, not all fear is genuine.

In order to move forward in life, we have to be courageous, confident, and ready to take on tough challenges. However, if we have low-confidence, striving for excellence becomes next to impossible due to a non-genuine fear.

Being scared of things that can hurt us is perfectly fine. Being scared of something just because we have a fear of failure is not beneficial. We never know what’s going to happen if we try something until we actually try it.

Unfortunately, many people’s confidence has been broken which causes them to become full of the fear of failure. The worry that consumes them holds them back and they find it next to impossible to begin taking steps toward their goals in life.

How to build self-esteem

Using Confidence To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

I know firsthand how overwhelming the fear of failure can be. I would like to share a personal story with you about something in my life that terrified me but I held on strong anyways.

For years, I played in a band. It started off as something just to kill some time. We would all get together, practice our songs, and hang out with one another. While this may have been fun, it didn’t really lead any of us in a successful direction.

One day, although I can’t remember who it was, someone mentioned that we should be trying to play in venues. This was a great idea. After all, we already played with one another on a regular basis so we might as well have been making a name for ourselves out in public. On top of that, playing at venues would offer us an opportunity to use our skills to make money.

All of this seemed like a great idea to me. However, there was just one issue that stood in my way; a low level of self-belief.

It was scary when I would think about being in front on a crowd of people singing. I had always got great reviews from people who heard me ay my practices, but what if someone didn’t like me at a venue?

I bounced this thought around in my head for a while. The longer I thought about it, the more fear I would feel. It began to get to the point that I no longer even wanted to do it. I was becomming less and less confident.

how to improve self-esteem

How To Become More Confident

It wasn’t until I woke up one morning and decided to look at things from a different perspective that my fears began to subside.

I thought to myself, does it really matter if someone in a crowd doesn’t like my singing? After all, there were venues that were happy to have us play for them and pay us money for doing it. If someone was willing to offer us cash for our time, we must all be good at what we did.

On top of that, I was passionate about being in a band. It was something that I had a lot of fun doing. I enjoyed spending time with the other people in my band. Now we had an opportunity to make money doing it. So, why hold myself back?

This new perspective helped me boost my self-belief greatly. To be perfectly honest, a lot of where confidence comes from is how you look at a situation.

There will be people who like you in life, and there will be people who don’t. However, when you think about it, letting the negative thoughts of others hold you back is completely unnecessary.

Just because someone doesn’t like you doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at what you do. To be perfectly honest, no matter how talented you are, there will always be people who have a negative opinion.

The trick to getting around this is ignoring those who thrive off of negativity and focusing on the people in the world who have positive things to say. I assure you, for every person there is with a negative opinion, there is at least two more with something positive to say that will help you be come confident.

Forget about what other people have to say and do what makes you happy. Keep your best interest in mind and remind yourself that even if something doesn’t work out, you gave it your best.

Even if you do fail, failure is not something to be feared. Instead, failure is a learning experience and also a very important part of life. The only time that failure becomes a real problem is when you allow the fear of it to hold you back from trying something.

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Check Out This Video About How To Gain Confidence

The ball is in your court. You can either let the fear of failure hold you back and cause you to achieve little with your life, or you can make the decision to make something great with your life. What will you choose?

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