Be Careful When Burning Bridges In Life

Some Bridges Should Be Burned And Others Shouldn’t

We should always be careful when it comes to the bridges that we burn in life. We never know when we may need to cross one again. However, in some situations, a bridge may be better left uncrossed. It’s very important to know the difference. The best way to completely distance yourself form someone or something that you want to stay away from is to completely sever any existing ties. Analyze your life and determine what’s good for you and what is not. This is not always an easy process and it likely wont be done overnight. With diligence, patience, and will power, you can decide what will be a part of your life and what will be a lesson that you learned from the past!


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Author: Sterling McCartney

Sterling McCartney is a partner at Science of Imagery. Sterling has the unique ability to turn adversity into triumph and his goal is to share his talent with others. To teach other people to live the best life they can and to teach them good personal development habits. It is his desire to make the world a better place by paying it forward and teaching others to be able to do the same.

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