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Are Your Coworkers Moving Faster With Their Career Success Than You?

The TV show “The Office” demonstrated how far workplace envy can go. Paper salesmen pushed their rivals into fish ponds, stuck them in supply closets, and covered desk accessories with Jello.

While the competition may be less extreme at your workplace, it’s natural to feel disappointed or resentful if you think you’re being passed over. Before you mistreat an innocent stapler, consider these alternatives for what to do when a coworker advances ahead of you.

How To Create Your Own Career Opportunities

1. Pause briefly. If you feel hurt or angry about losing out on a prize project or big salary increase, stop to think. Give yourself time to process your emotions.

2. Assess your situation. Be honest with yourself. Maybe office politics have placed you at a disadvantage, or perhaps you would benefit by aligning your expectations with your current qualifications.

3. Clarify your goals. This could be a blessing in disguise because success takes many forms. Figure out whether you’re aiming for the executive suite or whether you’d prefer to stay in a job you already enjoy, free from extra paperwork and supervisory responsibilities.

4. Gather resources. Wherever you’re headed, ensure you’re prepared. This could be a reminder to find a mentor or sign up for continuing education courses.

5. Vent carefully. Talking the situation over is wise, but be selective about your audience. Pour out your soul to family and friends outside of the workplace. Find someone in your network who can understand your professional dilemma while being removed from office gossip.

6. Avoid social media. It’s especially important to watch what you say online. Check that your comments are safe for work. Edit anything that could sound like complaining or second guessing management decisions.

7. Move on. At some point you’ll want to decide whether you’re better off dealing with the situation in your workplace or finding a new position. Broaden your options by updating your resume, and look for new opportunities.

8. Seek balance. If you’re having difficulty bouncing back from any perceived rejection, you may be placing too much emphasis on your job. Remember that your worth is not defined by your job title.

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