9 Ways To Stop A Panic Attack

Do You Suffer From Panic Attacks?

9 Ways To Stop A Panic AttackA panic attack can feel terrifying. Those that suffer panic attacks often feel as if they’re going to die.

While highly unpleasant, panic attacks are harmless.

A panic attack is something you created. So, you also have the power to lessen and eliminate the attack.

If panic attacks are controlling your life, you can regain that control.

The best part about it all would be the fact that making it through a panic attack is likely easier than many people think. In fact, it can be a lot easier is you follow some simple guidelines and tips.

Take a look at the following examples.

Stop A Panic Attack Quickly And Effectively With These Techniques:

1. Remind yourself that you’re going to be okay. Your body chemistry is slightly off-kilter when you experience a panic attack. Panicking will only intensify the attack. The sooner you can relax, the more quickly the attack will pass.

2. Focus on deep breathing. Breathing is the only part of human physiology over which we have complete control. Anytime you’re awake, you can choose to breathe faster, slower, deeper, shallower, or hold your breath. Control what you can control.

• Slow, deep breathing will slow your heartrate, and you’ll begin to feel better.

9 Ways To Stop A Panic Attack

3. Get a massage. This might not always be practical, but get someone to rub your neck and shoulders. Most importantly, massage your scalp. You can even do this yourself. Massaging your scalp will move a greater volume of blood through your brain and will help to relax the muscles of your head and neck.

The effects of a massage can last for days. Try to get a massage regularly. Even a family member can perform the service if the cost of a professional massage is too high.

4. Use your imagination. Imagine something pleasant and relaxing. It might be hard to think of something positive in the moment, so have a few ideas before a panic attack strikes.

You may also want to consider performing some meditations. Believe it or not, meditation is very powerful and it can likely help you overcome panic attacks with ease. Click below to get some great meditations as a free gift.

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