9 Ways To Be More Open And Share Your Feelings

Being Open And Sharing Your Feelings Makes Life Better

9 Ways To Be More Open And Share Your FeelingsThere are some people that have no trouble sharing their feelings. They are devoid of the fear and anxiety that most of us feel about sharing something personal or potentially controversial. Down deep, you’re jealous of these people.

Openness provides a level of freedom that eludes those that are more private.

It’s important to be able to share your feelings and concerns openly. Your concerns can’t be addressed if you’re unwilling to share them. You have to face your challenges alone if you keep them to yourself.

Share Your Feelings And Enjoy The Resulting Freedom It Provides:

1. Be more accepting of others. It sounds counterintuitive, but if you’re afraid to share your feelings, you may be judgmental of others. Naturally, you would expect others to judge you, too. It’s impossible to accurately judge others. There’s always more going on than you realize. Be accepting of others and you’ll expect others to be accepting of you.

9 Ways To Be More Open And Share Your Feelings

2. Start small. Share something small, but relevant. Once you see that you can share your feelings without negative repercussions, you’ll be more likely to share them again.

3. Determine the source of your fear. You may fear judging, rejection, ridicule, or embarrassment. Perhaps attacking that fear is the first logical step to lessening your anxiety around sharing and openness.

9 Ways To Be More Open And Share Your Feelings

4. Be brave. There’s no way to be 100% comfortable about sharing your feelings until you’ve done it several times. There’s a certain amount of courage required at the beginning. Be brave enough to share your feelings. It becomes easier over time.

5. Encourage others to share their feelings with you. You might feel more comfortable if your conversation partner goes first.

It’s much simpler to encourage others to open up more when you are comfortable with opening up to others. Creating inner-peace is a great way to make opening up to others a lot easier. Creating inner-peace can achieved with simple techniques such as meditation. Click below to get a great meditation as a free gift.

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