9 Common Stumbling Blocks to Success

Are There Obstacles Between You And Success?

9 Common Stumbling Blocks To SuccessIt’s hard to find someone that doesn’t want to succeed. Success can be elusive, because there are so many obstacles to success.

These obstacles aren’t fatal, but they greatly decrease progress.

When these obstacles aren’t avoided, the resulting frustration can make the average person consider quitting altogether.

Avoid These Common Stumbling Blocks To Success:

1. Not doing enough. Highly successful people are notorious for outworking everyone else. Success can be simple, but it often requires long hours of hard work. If you’re not known for your work ethic, the solution to your lack of success might simply be to do more. Be smart in your approach, but also be determined to outwork your competition.

9 Common Stumbling Blocks To Success

2. A lack of consistency. You can’t follow a diet 50% of the time and expect to reach your weight-loss goal. Your efforts must be consistent if success is the objective. Create daily habits and stick with them.

• Measure your consistency as well as your progress. Notice how they correlate.

3. Having too many goals. Serving too many masters can result in poor results. Decide which of your objectives is most important and concentrate your efforts accordingly. Avoid spreading yourself too thin. After you’ve accomplished your top 2 or 3 objectives, you can return to the others.

4. Unclear objectives. If you’re uncertain about what you want, your results will be limited. Be very clear about your goals. It’s all in the details. Can you clearly define your goals without having to think about them? Could you just rattle your goals off to another person? Do you have them written down? Will it be clear when you’ve accomplished them?

9 Common Stumbling Blocks To Success

5. Limiting beliefs. Doubt and uncertainty are very limiting. Negative thoughts provide negative results. Keep your thoughts and expectations positive.

When you think about achieving a big goal, what are the thoughts that run through your mind? Do you feel motivation or a sense of dread? Is your self-talk positive or negative?

Do you believe you can be successful? Do you believe you can be highly successful? What’s stopping you from being the most successful person you know?

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