7 Ways To Deal With An Aggressive Coworker

Are There Aggressive People In Your Work Environment?

7 Ways To Deal With An Aggressive CoworkerIt’s only a matter of time before you’ll be forced to deal with an aggressive coworker.

Aggressive people use intimidation or hostility as a tool to get what they want. These employees can cause emotional stress to those around them. It’s even possible to experience physical symptoms from the stressful situations that occur.

Aggressive coworkers can also negatively impact your career. They can prevent you from completing your work. You can also be made to look bad if you handle them poorly. Conflict provides opportunities to shine or to shoot yourself in the foot.

It might be uncomfortable to deal with a workplace bully, but try to use the situation to your advantage.

Deal with an aggressive coworker intelligently:

1. Focus on the issue at hand. Every conflict has two primary issues: the people involved and the actual issue itself. Be tough on the issue, but go easy on the other person. Avoid getting into a battle of personalities. If you focus on the issue, you’re more likely to reach a solution.

If you’re unable to find a solution, at least your coworkers will see that you’re the reasonable party. You can enhance your reputation by dealing with difficult people gracefully.

7 Ways To Deal With An Aggressive Coworker

2. Maintain your composure. When your anger gets the best of you, you’re just playing into the other person’s hands. They have a PhD in conflict. You’re an amateur. You also potentially harm your reputation and career by saying something you’ll later regret.

Take a breather before continuing if you get upset. This is the perfect time to count to ten, just like your mom taught you.

3. Be proactive. Consider the issue and the person before addressing your concerns. How does this person typically react? What has worked in the past? Talk to people you trust that have experience with your aggressive coworker. What insight and advice do they have to offer? Have a plan.

7 Ways To Deal With An Aggressive Coworker

4. Be strong. Aggressive people are aggressive because it works for them. Also keep in mind that bullies tend to pick on those they perceive as weak. A bully doesn’t really want a fight. If you can demonstrate that you have no intention of being a victim, a bully will often behave more appropriately.

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