7 Relationship Challenges And What To Do About Them

7 Relationship Challenges And What To Do About Them

Use These Tips To Conquer Your Relationship Challenges

Relationships are challenging. At the beginning, it’s all fun and games, but relationships evolve over time. The ability to handle these challenges effectively determines how successful the relationship will ultimately be. Be prepared for the most common relationship challenges and know how to deal with them.

All Relationships Have Challenges Sooner Or Later:

1. The realization that your partner isn’t everything you need. Expectations are high in relationships. Before you know the other person well, it’s easy to imagine they’re everything you’d ever need from another person: a soul mate, sounding board, best friend, and perfect lover.

After five years of marriage, the truth reveals itself. Your partner isn’t everything you need.

No single person can completely satisfy the needs of another. Expect to have no more than 80% of your need fulfilled by your partner. You’ll have to find the other 20% somewhere else. This might be the need to watch horror movies with someone else, have intellectual conversations, talk about shopping, or talk about sports.

2. Communication issues. Communication is like sex. One partner seems to want to do it more than the other. Set aside time each day for a few minutes to talk. Practice good listening skills. One person is generally miserable for those few minutes, but that’s the price that must be paid to have a successful relationship. It’s worth the price.

3. Trust issues. Some people have difficulty trusting others. Some people are more resentful than others when they don’t receive the level of trust they think they deserve. Be trustworthy and expect the same from your partner. There are little things you can do to build trust.

Be on time.
Be open.
Avoid jealousy.
Be honest.
Be open regarding your whereabouts.

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