5 Ways to Be a Better Person Today!

Each and every day, I strive to be a better person than I was yesterday.

5 Ways To Be A Better PersonSometimes, I fail miserably.  It’s true.  Being a yoga teacher, people expect me to have patience, and that peace is available to me at all times.  Almost like I am carrying around this secret fountain of peace in my water bottle.  Sadly, this is not true.

On the way to yoga class I was thinking about how many lessons show up in my life until I learn from them whatever it is that I expected to take away.  Yes, it’s just like Groundhog Day with Life sometimes.  So naturally, I go to yoga and my music would not work at all.  Nope.  Not even a little.  Instead of getting frustrated with it, I announced we were practicing in stillness and peace today.  We were going way inside and listening to the breath and linking breath with movements.  Inwardly, I cussed at my music station.

Having these thoughts does not make me a bad person and I get to observe my thoughts and realize what matters and what does matter.  However, that being said, I know there are some things I need to let go of.  As I constantly make tiny adjustments in my mood and behavior, I begin to realize that these are daily practices.

5 Ways to Be a Better Person:

1) Let go of the outcome. This one is the hardest one for me, but if we release the need to be right, to explain, to apologize profusely and hold on to guilt, we start to make that shift from holding on to the past, because let’s face it, even as I type these words, it’s in the past, and move on to the present moment.  Use Elsa’s mantra.  It. Go.

2) Be honest at all times. This one is easy for me, but I know it’s not easy for everyone.  If you can be as honest as possible, then people really will see you as someone they can trust, and confide is.  Not only that, integrity is very important to me personally as well as in the business world.  I love transparency.  No magic tricks up your sleeve.  No excuses.  Just the truth.

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3) Try to reflect empathy. I dislike the word “judge” for many reasons, but nine times out of ten, people immediately think they know what they would have done if they were you.  But they aren’t you.  They don’t know your past, your life, or your habits.  So unless it is something where the person constantly and repeatedly shows this behavior, try to really listen from a place of love.  Put yourself in their shoes for just a moment as they tell you their side.  Don’t give advice…just listen.

4) Try to forgive.   It is difficult at times, but let’s think about the limited amount of time you might have on earth with this person.  If you want to spend it mad, go ahead.  But if you forgive them, you can move forward.  No one said you had to be besties or anything…but think of Elsa’s mantra once again here.  Let. That. ____.  Go.

5) Surround yourself with more positive people. This one is not new, but it really does help you change your energy level.  Think of the people you most spend your time with.  The top 5 are who you become most like.  Are they people who are kind, generous, loving, trustworthy and dependable?  If the answer is no, well you know to do.  Create some space so that others might have room to come into your circle.

In the end, all the choices are up to you, but you have to be willing and ready to change.  Create the space for what you want in your life and leave no room for the things that bring you down.  Ultimately, you can be a better person than you were just 5 minutes ago by starting to shift your thoughts and make those tiny adjustments in your mood and behavior.  I believe in you.  You can do this!  Don’t forget to practice that compassion for yourself if you have a bad day.  It’s okay.  Start again tomorrow.

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Author: Aimee Barnes Halpin

Aimee Halpin is the founder of The Burned Hand, a wellness advocate, yoga teacher and fighter of obscure diseases (namely her own). Her passion is helping others find their spark again after getting diagnosed with invisible diseases.

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