5 Ways To Keep Going When Times Get Tough

If You Really Want To Be Successful, You Have To Keep Going

5 Ways To Keep Going When Times Get ToughThe most successful people have an uncanny ability to keep going when everyone else would quit.

Your success is tied your ability to keep working after you have the urge to quit. Quitting is a bad habit, and it’s often learned at a young age. Learn how to continue making progress no matter how strong the urge to quit grows.

Consider The Reasons You Feel Like Quitting In The First Place:

1. You lack energy. A lack of energy isn’t just a reason one might quit a marathon. It’s also a common reason for quitting other pursuits. Exhaustion can be physical or mental. To help counteract your exhaustion:

Get a full night of sleep.
Get better control over your schedule.
Streamline your life.
Eat more nutritious foods.
Learn how to relax.

5 Ways To Keep Going When Times Get Tough

2. You lack focus. Too many distractions can result in the desire to quit. Are you trying to accomplish too many other things? Some people can deal with more goals than others. If you feel overwhelmed, narrow your focus to your most important goals.

3. It’s not that important to you. Do you have a good enough reason to keep going? Why are you doing this activity in the first place?

Remind yourself of why it’s important to keep going. Maybe the best motivation you can find is setting a good example for your children. Maybe the most important issue is self-respect. Find a good reason to continue.

If you’re having a hard time focusing on the prize at the end of the road, you may want to meditate. Believe it or not, meditation can likely help you retrain your focus and use it to your advantage. Click below to get a great focus building meditation as a free gift.

Understand the reasons you feel the desire to quit. It’s natural to want to quit. And most people do. Will you be one of the few that’s able to persevere? It’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other until you’re finished.

Author: Sean May

Sean May is the founder of Science of Imagery. Sean focuses on helping individuals and companies reach their personal and professional goals while working to make the world a better place, one smile at a time. He has over 10 years of experience in the Personal Development space, using many different modalities and techniques to help break through old belief patterns and focusing on making things as fun as possible to break through any negativity or seriousness.

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  1. “A year from now you will regret that you did not start today”

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      Thank you for this inspiring quote. You’re very right, the sooner we start, the better.

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