5 Reasons Why Journaling Can Help

Journaling For A Better Tomorrow

5 Reasons Why Journaling Can Help quoteHave you ever thought about starting a journal? If so, what’s stopping you? Believe it or not, journaling is a great way of improving our lives. There are many reasons for this. One of which being the fact that writing down our feelings, thoughts and actions is a great way of providing ourselves with something we can analyze. This allows us to see where we can make improvements as well as which parts of our lives are going smoothly.

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Writing a journal is a powerful tool that can aid in your success.


It not only provides you the space to work out your problems and come up with solutions, but it’s also a meditative practice.


If you journal often, you’re setting aside time in your day to revisit your ideas, goals, strategies, emotions and plans. Those who journal swear by the benefits of this practice.


Here are some reasons why journaling can help you realize your goals:


1. Work Out What Went Wrong & How To Fix It


Writing a journal is a great way for you to analyze a problem.


It gives you the space to think things through and retrace your steps, consider yours and other people’s motivations and draw conclusions.


In this process, you can also come up with solutions on how to correct it.


2. Provides A Platform For You To Self-analyze


You may notice certain patterns you keep repeating or there may be a specific encounter or event that’s bothering you and you’re not sure why.


Writing in a journal can help you figure out what is causing you to feel or act the way you do.

5 Reasons Why Journaling Can Help

3. It Can Help You Vent (without losing it in front of colleagues, employers, family members, friends or significant others)


Everyone feels like taking a baseball bat to the couch every now and again, but that’s not always possible or appropriate.


A journal is an excellent place for you to unload your feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy and any other negative emotion you’re feeling.


Your journal is yours so you can go ahead and call people names, write imaginary scenarios where you come out on top and they bite the dust or whatever else helps you to de-stress.


4. It Can Help You Deal With Trauma


Journaling can be therapeutic, especially for those going through a particularly turbulent emotional period whether they’re in between jobs, relationships, enduring a challenging health issue, or have suffered a loss.


A journal is a way for you to tap into your emotions instead of numbing them out. It allows you to release your anguish and express the depth of your feelings in a healthy way.


Finding a way to express your emotions is an important part of the healing process.


Without working through these issues, it can be difficult for you to move on with your life.


5. It Provides An Historical Arc


If you’re a faithful journal-er, you unwittingly hold the key to a lot of self-analysis.


It’s well worth it to go back and read old journals every now and then. Look at where you were six months ago, a year ago, two years ago, five years ago.


What are the pervasive themes? Do you still sound like a broken record about a certain issue that’s holding you back?


Or have you noticed certain attitudes and issues that have improved or changed? What made the difference?

5 Reasons Why Journaling Can Help featured

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  1. I found your article on journaling to be both informative and timely. Thank you for bringing this useful tool back into my remembrance. I am renewed to resume this practice.

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