4 Ways To Beat Those Nagging Monsters

Some days it might just feel like no matter what we try, we are being beaten back more than we are moving forward. When this happens we can fold up, retreat to a corner to sulk, or we can get off our duffs and do something about it. This will help you get started beating those nagging monsters.

Evelyn Jacob does a great job of helping you along your path.

“Keep calm and carry on” is a wonderful saying that you can take to heart when you’re trying to keep a high vibration in the middle of adversity. But it’s not easy!


When you’re in a difficult situation, your fight-or-flight response is in full active mode and you are hyper focused on the problem at hand. This is okay – you have to be primed for action and rapid problem-solving; however, that heightened state of a stress response, can cause you to make decisions that are not in your best interests. You don’t have to let adversity keep in you in a state of low vibration – let it come, and then let it go!


A stress response is a reactive state. Things come flying at you, and you react. Many of these reactions can be counterproductive in that they may not have the long-term in mind. Here are some ways to learn to be more positive during adversity, so that you keep your vibration as consistently high as possible, and your choices serve you better:


Whenever you’re faced with a decision during this adversity, do not make it immediately (whenever possible). Make sure you can take as much time as you need to make an informed and less emotional choice. If you can defer your decision for a day or more and give yourself time to consider your options, great. If you have to make a decision faster, insist on at least a few minutes to breathe and ask your higher self for guidance. It’s essential to be open to hearing/feeling an answer you may not like.


4 Ways To Beat Those Nagging Monsters

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