16 Ways To Make Today Better

Fast Ways to Lighten Up Your Body

1. Breathe deeply. Breathing has a powerful effect on how you feel. Concentrate on the flow of oxygen entering and leaving one nostril. Follow your breath down through your throat and chest. Feel your stomach rise and fall.

2. Lower your shoulders. Scan yourself from head to toe. Open up any areas of stiffness and tension. Draw your shoulders back and down.

16 Ways To Make Today Better

3. Massage your feet. Maybe you’re irritable because your shoes have been pinching your feet. Kick them off and dip your toes into a tub of warm water. Dry off and roll a tennis ball around under your arches.

4. Try aromatherapy. Pick an invigorating scent like grapefruit or peppermint. If you’re agitated, choose soothing lavender or sandalwood.

5. Move around. Exercise is a natural and beneficial stimulant. Rev up your heartbeat with some laps around the track or ten minutes on an inclined treadmill. Share a game of catch with your children.

16 Ways To Make Today Better

6. Stretch out. Want a yoga pose that will perk you up? Sun salutations will do the trick. To settle down, lie on your back and extend your legs straight up against a wall.

7. Take a nap. On the other hand, maybe you’re dragging around because you need more rest. Lie down for a quick nap and go to bed early so you’ll be bright and fresh tomorrow.

Some days are gloomier than others, but you can be prepared for conflicts and challenges. Use these pick-me-ups or develop your own favorite rewards that keep you smiling and content regardless of what’s going on around you.

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Author: Teri Ballard

Teri Ballard is a partner at Science of Imagery. Teri has been in the personal development niche for many years and her goal is to share her knowledge with others. To help others help themselves. Her desire if for everyone to live the best life they can and hopes to provide the tips and tools to help them do so.

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